About Us

Ephesians 6:11


BULLETPROOF APPAREL is a Cutting Edge Global brand that specializes in spiritual apparel with an urban appeal. Since 2015 it has been our mission to “Fuel The Spirit” and keep you “Fully Armored and Spiritually Protected”.

BULLETPROOF is more than just a brand!

Its a Lifestyle, a Mentality... A brand that actually stands for something. In todays' society, you HAVE to be BULLETPROOF. Fully Armored by God.

When worldly situations and circumstances arise • they will NOT Penetrate because of the Shield of Faith! The Helmet of Salvation symbolizes protection for you mind and your thoughts. Bulletproof Clothing line incorporates these elements to create Fashionable...Wearable...ARMOR.

We are focused on providing excellent service with the highest levels of customer satisfaction & use will do everything we can to meet your expectations.

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We are always adding new products, so come back often! There's much more to come.
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Create ways to " Fuel The Spirit " through innovative apparel and messaging.


Connecting the world to God Creatively.